What’s going on!!!!

Monterey Jazz Festival 2019

Jimmy Lyon’s Arena Stage

What’s going on, good people!!!! Our world is a mess right now and hopefully it will get better if we all work together. I have not written you in a while but you are always with me.

The above photo is very special to me. I was on the Jimmy Lyon’s Arena stage at Monterey Jazz Festival 62 last September. I was a staff photographer on the last day of the festival. I got to see all the happenings on the Jimmy Lyon’s Arena stage before the curtain opens. I learned that you mostly stay out of the way of the stage manager because there are so many moving part behind the scenes, that you could get trampled if you are in the wrong place. It was so thrilling being up there and i hope to have that opportunity again. Below is my view of the Jimmy Lyon’s Arena before all the magic happened.

I first attended the Monterey Jazz Festival in 2002 and have not this missed a festival rain or shine since then. However, this year will be different due to the pandemic. i will be viewing the festival online and there will be great music to enjoy. I promise to post photos from last year’s festival in the near future.

I miss live music and seeing and hearing my musician friends in person. It is so easy to take all of that for granted.

That’s all I have for the moment. Please be good to yourselves and one another.

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