Christmas Joy 2006

Happy Holidays Everyone! After pulling together four great radio blogs of Christmas music last year, I faced a major challenge pulling together a radio blog for this holiday season. I was uncertain which musical direction I wanted to take. After shuffling around tunes in my iPod for a couple of weeks, this is the end […]

Flashback Friday – Ella Fitzgerald – These Are The Blues

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” – Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald – These Are The Blues (listen here!) It is a hard to believe that this great lady left us 10 years ago. I have […]

2005 in Review – Volume 1

Clairdee @ Monterey Jazz Festival, originally uploaded by in2jazz. I just wanted to get this radio blog posted. I will come back and post the artists and titles. This is definitely most eclectic mix of music that I have put together. It consists of music in 2005 that perked up my ears and stuck with […]

A Jazzy Christmas – Volume 2

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! I wish you all the best this holiday season and for the new year. I planned to have this radio blog posted yesterday but life has a way of changing your plans. My Christmas was very quiet this year. I slept, watched tv, and listened to music. Each year, […]

A Jazzy Christmas – Volume 1

This radio blog is dedicated to my sister-in-law who is celebrating her birthday today. The above photo is a barge of Christmas decorations sitting on Lake Merritt in Oakland. Now that we have completed the classics, it is time to make the holiday season a little jazzy and mellow. Many of this week’s songs were […]

Christmas Classics – Volume 2

I dedicate this radio blog to my father, my jazz hero, who would have been 86 years young today. The above photo was taken of the holiday windows at the Marshall Field’s State Street store in Chicago last year. Once again, I went back to the vault of Christmas classics and brought back more gems. […]

Christmas Classics – Volume 1

One of my favorite things of the Christmas season is the music. Growing up, I could not wait until the day after Thanksgiving to “officially” start playing Christmas music. It was always fun on Christmas Eve when radio stations would play nothing but Christmas music all night and all through Christmas. I am definitely partial […]

The Quiet Storm – Volume 2

There were so many good songs that the radio blog is a little longer this week than I had planned. I still had to leave out a few gems for now but I will find a way to fit them in a future radio blog. I will be back to share insights on each song. […]

The Quiet Storm – Volume 1

A few weeks ago when EJ did his OSW: Philly Soul – Vols. 1 & 2, it took me back to late summer nights in Chicago when I was sitting on my front porch listening to quiet storm late night radio. I had my trusty headphone radio (similar to the one shown above) that I […]

My Shirley Horn Box Set – Disc 4

“Songs are lucky when Shirley Horn chooses them.” This is one of the best quotes that describe the magic of Shirley Horn’s music. The past few weeks have definitely been an education for me in Shirley Horn’s music. Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and support on this project. Preparing the final disc in My […]

My Shirley Horn Box Set – Disc 3

We will never forget her music. Welcome back again for another amazing journey into the music of Shirley Horn. These past couple of weeks have been filled with adventure as I discover old and new songs that I am hearing again or for the first time. This week’s radio blog features three songs that Shirley […]

My Shirley Horn Box Set – Disc 2

First, thanks to everyone who listened to My Shirley Horn Box Sex – Disc 1. I have basically selected the songs for the rest of this series but something always happens. You hear a song and say, “oh, I need to put this one in the mix too.” Needless to say, I am shifting the […]

My Shirley Horn Box Set – Disc 1

Maybe it was coincidence or fate that I started radio blogging the week that my favorite jazz singer, Shirley Horn died. I had planned to get a few radio blogs under my belt before did one that focused solely on my love for her music. Well, life happens and plans change so I have been […]

My First Radio Blog – The Sunday Evening Mix

WOW! It definitely took awhile to put this playlist together. I was initially going to focus on several songs from one artist but I decided to mix it up a bit. I am still fine tuning and learning how all this works so please be patient. I will come back later and put in links […]