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A brand new day

A brand new day

I have been writing my jazz blog, j-notes.com since October 2002. I was inspired by attending the Monterey Jazz Festival. I just attended the festival for my 9th year this past weekend. I will tell you more about this year’s festival very soon. I have enjoyed sharing information about jazz and other good music. In […]

Happy New Year!

Sure, it is a few days after the beginning of the new year! Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Mine was pretty good. I spent time with family and friends. Of course, I missed my mom as this was the first holiday season without her. 2009 is definitely about change from the White House […]

World AIDS Day 2006

HIV/AIDS has touched all of our lives. We are still all in this together. Whether it is in Africa or Alabama, We have got to make a difference. Let’s start now!

Happy Easter!

Calalillies, originally uploaded by in2jazz. I am on my way to sunrise service at church this morning. Don’t tell anyone but I think I am only singing for one service at church today. It is the last day of my vacation so I want to get some rest. 🙂 I wish you all the best […]

Spring is here….

Flowers, originally uploaded by in2jazz. Yes, spring is here even though our rainy season is heavily upon us. I am a little behind on my music right now so as soon as I know the new jazz releases this spring, I will let you know. I went to see the Christian McBride Band @ Yoshi’s […]

Checking in…

Train tracks, originally uploaded by in2jazz. Hope your new year has started well. I figured I had better peek my head in here so you did not think I had ran away. How many resolutions have you broken already? Me? I tend not to make any resolutions but I do think about things that I […]

Oh yeah, I did it again…

Before you start calling me and sending email, the banner will return real soon. I promise. I upgraded from MT 3.11 to 3.2 (the publishing software used to produce this wonderful site) and later found out that I had some corruption on my Berkeley DB. I decided to start from scratch with a new MySQL […]


Not to worry, my blog will not slide away again. I am still here and feeling much better. I spent about a week battling a nasty flu/cold. I laid on the sofa and watched more TV than I have in a very long time. My old television, though begging to be replaced, was cooperative and […]

Happy New Year!!!

I hope that everyone had a very nice holiday season. Mine was busy as usual with concerts, singing, baking, and a few gatherings. I did not make any resolutions for the new year for they usually get broken within a couple weeks anyway! 🙂 I wish everyone much love, many blessings, and good music for […]

I Remember Michael

Today is World AIDS Day or maybe we should call it the day when the world stops for a moment to think about the plight of this terrible disease on our world. Every day is World AIDS Day and it will continue to be long after there is a cure. As I write, I can […]

Just for fun…

J Jolly A Awesome M Mysterious E Emotional S Sensational Name / Username: Name Acronym GeneratorFrom Go-Quiz.com Yeah, that pretty much describes me. Thanks to ej, bernie, j, and prime for this meme.


The official j-notes transportation! One of biggest challenges of loving music is that people come to you often for recommendations. “Who are you listening to?” “Who are 20 greatest jazz artists of all-time?” “What music goes well with baked Alaska?” “What can I play at a dinner party that will not offend my guest?” While […]

Celebrating our history in music…

Lena Horne and Count Basie in the 40’s. Now before you ask, no, I did not take this wonderful photograph nor was I there when it was taken. I found this wonderful gem while surfing the web and wanted to share it. I have not been blogging much these days. I am working on a […]

Happy Thanksgiving…

Come on, just for a second you thought I was about to break out with tips on preparing your bird. I have only had the pleasure of cooking a turkey once and this one was not it. However, I did well on my first attempt. Now this baby here is my own handiwork. It is […]

Getting Personal…

Over the past few months, I have been having an ongoing discussion with a fellow blogger about the amount of personal information I put in my weblog. I feel that the my music and concert reviews are my personal thoughts. I would not want to cloud this with stuff like I went to the eye […]

Let the music move you…

Music is powerful. On any given Sunday morning, music lifts people to a higher place but what about jazz tune? Does it lift your soul and take you there? Does it bring you to tears? Does it knock you to your knees? Does it bring a smile to you? I ask you, what song has […]


“We remember with a song in our hearts as we pray for peace throughout the world.”

So much to say….

I know you have coming here the last few days and just wondering where’s the news? Where’s the reviews? What new music is out? What music got re-issued. Who is really running j-notes.com…LOL!!! Let’s just say the past couple of weeks have been quite busy for me but I do hope to catch up a […]

How Was Your Weekend?

It was rainy and cool here over the weekend. I was productive. I did some much needed work around the house, caught up on email, and listened to music. I managed to stay out of the record stores over the weekend which is a good thing. Saturday afternoon, I went to lunch, only to find […]

The Stendig is finally here!!!

For the last 10 years, I have had the Stendig calendar above my desk. The Stendig Calendar was designed in 1966 by massimo vignelli and has become a classic. My friends usually tease me about the calendar because it is so large, 36″ x 48″ to be exact. In the old days, I used to […]

What More Can Be Said….

About Whitney Houston-Brown. I rushed home from choir rehearsal on Wednesday to watch Diane Sawyer’s interview of singer Whitney Houston. It had already started but I knew js was taping it so I could see the beginning later. I have sat in the shadows waiting for one of my blogging homies to post something that […]

Brief snippets but more to come later….

This is the last week of my Essentials for Oracle Database Administrators course so I am finishing my assignments and exams. I attended the 3 nights of the San Francisco Jazz Fest over the weekend and had a great time. More to come. I will be attending a writer’s workshop this weekend so I can […]

j-notes meets e-bay and life will never be the same….

Okay, I am not sure what inspired me to click on e-bay or half.com at e-bay but I did and oh, the music I found. Don’t worry, I did not spend every cent to my name but I did find some gems.

When you need a friend….

There is no way that I could have gotten started without some help and love from ej, mesprime, tubba and the rush. Special thanks especially to ej for helping select the domain name, coaching, and answering as many of my questions as possible.