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Recently Added

These are a few of the titles that I have recently added to my iPod. A couple of months ago, I go the new 160Gb iPod Classic. Yes, I actually outgrew my original 60GB iPod purchased in 2005. The new iPod has some really cool features like cover flow which allows you to select an […]

Top 25 Most Played Songs in My iPod

A good friend shared his list of the top 25 most played songs in his iPod. I decided to follow suit and I was quite surprised at my list. It contains jazz, vocals, electronica, and house music. I grew up in Chicago so I love house music plus it keeps me awake on the drives […]

My iPod revolution has begun…

The iPod revolution has begun. Above is my Christmas present to myself. It is the iPod Video 60 GB. I have loaded about 10 GB of music, videos, and photos on there so far. Now this was not an easy decision to get an iPod because I am big fan of the minidisc recorder/player. I […]