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A lazy afternoon…

The above photo was taken on the beach in Carmel the same weekend as the Monterey Jazz Festival. I try to get to this beach once a year as it is one of my favorite places. Hopefully, I will have more photos as soon as I get them organized. This post is envolving as I […]

Church: Songs of Soul & Inspiration

“Church is where I go when I want fulfillment, and church is where I don’t have to go because it is always with me, holding me up, propelling me forward, sustaining me.” – Dr. Maya Angelou Church: Songs of Soul & Inspiration is a beautiful recording of songs that are drenched in soul, spirit, faith, […]

j-reviews – Heather Headley and Nnenna Freelon

It is impossible to love every CD that you purchase. Recently, I purchased an Ella Fitzgerald CD from circa 1969 where she was singing pop songs from that era like “Get Ready” and “Got To Get You Into My Life.” Great voice but a not a good choice of material. My saving grace on this […]