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A Jazzy Christmas – Volume 1

This radio blog is dedicated to my sister-in-law who is celebrating her birthday today. The above photo is a barge of Christmas decorations sitting on Lake Merritt in Oakland. Now that we have completed the classics, it is time to make the holiday season a little jazzy and mellow. Many of this week’s songs were […]

The Quiet Storm – Volume 1

A few weeks ago when EJ did his OSW: Philly Soul – Vols. 1 & 2, it took me back to late summer nights in Chicago when I was sitting on my front porch listening to quiet storm late night radio. I had my trusty headphone radio (similar to the one shown above) that I […]

J-Groove – Vol. 1

I am not quite sure what I had in mind in deciding to write a music column. I guess I figured there would be no better place than to try it out here so my friends and loved ones could pick it apart and throw online tomatoes at me. Just consider this my online scratch […]